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Sir James Dyson 2

Inventor Heroes : James Dyson

James Dyson I know him as the man who reinvented the vacuum cleaner as a boy’s toy with his geeky engineering wizardry. How was it that this boring domestic appliance could become cool? It...

Guild Wars 2 : The Mystic Forge 0

Making Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapons

Lessons in Legendary Crafting: A Companion Guide Just a few days ago I crafted my third legendary weapon, Kamohoali’i Kotaki the legendary spear, which completes my set of underwater legendary weapons. My first legendary...

Sleeping Father and Baby 0

Delta Wave Music for Insomnia, Sleep and Meditation

While exploring ASMR videos on YouTube recently, a recurring theme was using these videos as a sleeping aid. Incidentally if you need an introduction to ASMR (an effect that produces tingles, calmness and relaxation), you...