A Cure for Nihilism

I’d really like to get onto why I’m about to show you a poem. But first, I’ll need a background tangent to a video game called Doki Doki Literature Club. Poetry is part of the sublime camouflage this horror game uses to disguise itself as something cute and harmless. It’s way more awesome than that—it’s rocking a 10/10 rating on Steam for reasons—but I did find the use of poetry in the game to be a wonderful way of communicating thoughts in different styles.

So while I was reworking a chapter in Get Cosy, a poem naturally came out of my mind. Since it’s quite stand-alone I thought I’d share it.

Should I say something about the inspiration first? I guess so, since it starts out a little gloomy. Doki Doki Literature Club was a big part of it, but I don’t want to spoil that game, so I will talk about something in real life. I see a lot of people really down these days and it hurts me quite a lot. There’s a lot of suicide. People I miss are gone. Wouldn’t it be nice to fix them, before it was too late?

A Cure for Nihilism

To some people, life is empty and meaningless.

Their attitude is that in the grand scheme of things, nothing we do matters.

After we’re born, we’re just waiting to die.

And life is only full of pain and trouble. What shall we do?

A voice in the shadows whispers sweet lies, full of promise.

Seductive tales of oblivion’s warm embrace and the soft kiss of death.

Why hesitate? Eternal sleep is the only escape!

Irresistible longing slowly drowns any doubt.

Darkness beckons. A dear friend, here to save us?

Tears of hope and recognition. “Hello, my love.”

“Come join me. Leave this place behind.”

“It doesn’t deserve you anyway.”

An act of mercy follows.

Finally freedom.

At least, that was the hope.

There is no final escape, if truly we are what we seem to be.

Energy, transmuting into flesh and mind. Eternal, shapeshifting.

A pattern written into the fabric of the universe, awaiting expression.

Limitless rebirths across endless time. No memory, the only mercy.

Death merely a door, the way to forget and start over.

What’s the point? What are we doing here? Is this a joke?

Nothing more than a cruel charade, a mockery of choices.

Annoying, it begins again.

A tree of questions bursts from the first seed of knowledge.

And the more you know, the more you know you don’t know.

Ironic jokes like that are written into the universe you see.

The wiser the person, the greater the knowledge of their own ignorance.

Epiphanies have shocked me to the core quite a few times now.

We’re all on a shared journey into mystery without end.

And you—yes you, reading these words—are not alone.

Everyone is here with you, though some are oblivious.

Maybe they get in the way, maybe they do bad things.

But some of us, we know that we’re here with you.

And we remembered that we’re here with you.

That’s what I really learned.

And you know, that’s a really weird feeling.

Like our minds are not entirely their own thing.

And our lives are converging upon a single destiny.

I wonder what it is?

Perhaps it’s impossible to find what we seek. The ultimate meaning.

But you know, just looking is a quest in itself.

Something to live for.

And people are always inventing, always creating.

What an amazing world we could have.

And if our world was in danger, wouldn’t it be better to stay and fight for it?

Just for the sake of saving it. For the sake of caring for it?

No, we can’t leave. We can’t die.

We must live, because we must. No matter what.

Fate will take us when our time is due.

Until that day, they will not break you.

Drink your pain. Endure horror.

They will not break you.

Find your cunning, survive what may.

Nurture the good in yourself.

Don’t hate the world for testing you.

It’s not meant to be fair.

See, how good things are only precious,

Because the bad things make them so.

And the bad things are only awful,

Because the good things show us what could be.

The darkness and the light must forever dance together.

One is meaningless without the other.

So do not hide yourself from suffering,

Or deny yourself happiness.

Carry emptiness if you dare to know love’s worth.

Confronting fear is what it means to be alive.

Just steel yourself and carry on.

Smile when you can.

Act with courage.

Give your love to those who deserve it.

And please live. Really live.


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