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Hello everyone! I’m the creator of Pocket Myriad. I go by the names Cirian and Tilveran, depending on the community.

I created Pocket Myriad to talk about my interests. I try to live smart, drink a lot of tea and have an enduring fascination with humanity. People are really weird so it’s little surprise.

And now a little about each section of the magazine :


I’ve had many inspirations and a few transformative experiences to boot. One reason I went with the name Pocket Myriad was because I wanted to share some diverse experiences that might help other people too, not just concentrate on gaming. A bit like many traditional print magazines, it’s nice to diversify.

Additional topics will appear over time as I see fit. Check out the category to see what I’ve written about and have fun looking around.


My coverage on ASMR originally began as a subsection to Eureka!

I’ve experienced ASMR since childhood and the ASMR community is one that I’m only getting more and more involved in. I love that it’s gone mainstream. Personally I get it from sights, sounds, smells, touch and mental stimuli. I think it must be to do with the brain’s empathic qualities.

Entering a trance through ASMR is also possible. When it’s strong I can also experience a “jump” into other people, although that can happen in non-ASMR circumstances too. I can only describe it as transcendental.

If anyone’s curious about my personality type with regards to how it might influence ASMR sensitivity, I used the test at 16Personalities to find that out and my result is INFP.

ASMR is weird and wonderful. I hope people explore it and study it more.

Guild Wars 2

I currently cover the Guild Wars franchise that I’ve played consistently since the beginning in 2005. Since moving across to the sequel during the early access period, I play a main collection of norn with a side selection of sylvari. I’ve been active that whole time, accruing all sorts of knowledge that I now want to share on Pocket Myriad.

One of my inspirations for sharing is the guild that I belong to, The Amazon Basin. Our motto is “A community of friends playing games”, and we have lots of great leaders and community members who make things work. While I am often in guild chat dispensing a bit of knowledge here or there, I really wanted something cohesive like a website to share what I believe to be the most useful knowledge that I have picked up.

Specifically I am heavily into crafting, exploring, fashion, jumping puzzles, lore and massively multiplayer content. That last one mainly means World vs. World and Open World PvE, which is extremely diverse in Guild Wars 2.

My favourite Open World PvE has a bit of difficulty to it, such as Season 1’s massive events, Triple Trouble, Tequatl the Sunless, the Silverwastes, Dry Top t6 maps and so on. I want to see as many people as possible having a good time, improving their gameplay and feeling rewarded, and if there is witty banter on TeamSpeak as well then all the better!

All-in-all I have been a part of the Guild Wars community for over 10 years, long may that continue and I hope you will find my knowledge useful.

Finally, some other information :

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