Blue Yeti ASMR

Blue Yeti Collection

How many Yetis do you own? Mhmm. Right. Well, it’s clearly not enough. You need another one.

I suppose I am only joking, and yet the last time I looked at the Blue Yeti lineup on Amazon I was kind of blown away by all the colours it comes in. “Aztec Copper” caught my eye. Oh that looks nice. And of course there are classics like Silver and Black.

I thought about who honestly needs so many Yetis, I mean surely just one will do?

But then I remembered watching Caroline ASMR recently, and this time she had a pink Yeti… but wait, doesn’t she also have a silver one, and maybe a black one too? Okay so my memory is not the best.

I think Caroline has a LOT of microphones actually, which is what inspired me to write this piece on all the Yetis out there and all the great Yeti ASMR I’ve tingled to.

Writing about ASMR and microphones for ASMR has really made me notice the microphones people use on YouTube a lot more. Not just in ASMR videos, but in a lot of YouTube videos it seems like… oh, there it is, another Blue Yeti!

Yeah, it’s a really popular microphone because it sounds sweet and the price is just so nice. I guess for ASMR it’s also true that the size is good, and the construction of the microphone is easy to play with, and it’s just so versatile.

Some YouTubers have their Blue Yeti in a shock mount, especially the gaming channels I watch. And of course there are all sorts of colourful foam windshields you can stick on top to add character, while at the same time, it provides a function.

If you ever want to change the mood in one of your videos, and the mic is always there, you could always think about changing the look of your microphone to spice things up. Accessories are a lot of fun too.

I know it’s not for everyone to collect several of the same microphone, but I think it’s safe to say that some people would love to collect a bunch of different looks for their favourite piece of audio equipment!

Speaking of owning several of the same thing, I was just reading about shoes. Buying them is a combination of whim, style and affordability. It’s the same with anything people like to change the look of.

Some of us will stick to a safe colour, like black, and buy only one (well, two if it’s shoes). And then others will go crazy and buy the rainbow, because that’s who they are. It’s all good.

Need a Blue Yeti ASMR demo?

Here’s one of my favourite artists, Caroline ASMR.

Caroline makes amazing videos using the Blue Yeti. I’ve picked one at random that I’ve listened to before because they are all good. You can find the rest on her channel. Sometimes it’s hard to choose just one, right?

So anyway, I suppose we should all go off and look at Yetis now or something because, I tell you what, I know I’m in the mood. Just between you and me I’ve been gazing at the Aztec Copper one for a couple of weeks and I might have to give in… oh boy. Links below if you feel like browsing. Pass a few minutes. Read the chat.


Head over to Amazon or Blue Designs (links below) and check out the reviews and Q&As for loads of information from real people who buy and use Blue Yetis today. You’ll get way more info that way!

Where can I buy a Blue Yeti?

I use Amazon UK as I live in the EU and use English. They ship globally.

You can also browse Blue Designs directly for both the regular and pro editions.

Enjoy your microphone.