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Explore challenging realms of consciousness, intuition and subjective knowledge that lie beyond the boundaries of comfortable, objective science.

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Alchemy I

Alchemy Origins Millennia ago chemistry and psychology were joined together under a single art called alchemy. Ancient alchemists realised that the physical and spiritual realms are intertwined and considered them together. Chemistry has since branched off into...

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What Consciousness Is

“Consciousness is the aperture through which potential becomes reality.” “Consciousness is the interface between the world of the spirit and the world of the physical.” A Lucid Dream I just woke up from a...

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I started listening to Jordan B Peterson recently and it caused a lot of ideas to crystallise in my mind. In my previous Beyond Certainty post I discussed the reality of God as an...

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God Created The Atheists Too

Blind To The Obvious One of God’s great pranks was to create the atheists. I’ve debated with atheists for years, listening to their misconceptions. The ancient concept of God is quite simple: it is...