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– is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet for the PC and Mac.

The Mouth of Mordremoth

The Zhaitan-Mordremoth Postmortem

It was only the addition of the quest The Sword Regrown back in February that we finally saw the end of Trahearne‘s story, about four-and-a-half years after it began at launch. That’s quite a long...

Halloween 2016 in Guild Wars 2

Halloween 2016 in Guild Wars 2

There’s a few days until Halloween as I write this but things are already underway once again in Tyria for the return of Mad King Thorn. This year is mostly the same as the...

Guild Wars 2 Free-to-Play

Revisiting Free-to-Play in Autumn 2016

Later today, the next release for Guild Wars 2 called “Rising Flames” is due for release for owners of the Heart of Thorns expansion. Plenty of players are still on free-to-play accounts however and...

Random players in the Grove

Guild Wars 2’s 4th Birthday Party!

Guild Wars 2 Enters Year 5! Wow, four years gone already? Well nearly! Guild Wars 2’s actual birthday is August the 28th and players who got early access to the initial launch are seeing...