Pimander Box Art

Pimander is a roaming beat ’em up developed by me for the PC and Mac.

Pimander : The Citadel

Sanctuary of Sorcerers 200px strip
The Sanctuary of Sorcerers

Start Here.

Pimander Lore

The Sanguine Chapel
The Sanguine Chapel

Discover the world of Pimander. Learn what has happened, about the turning of the world, and the challenges our heroes face.

Battle System

Sanguine Rose 200px strip
You have strong allies

Learn about your capabilities, and those of your allies and opponents.

Character Bios

Waylands Throne 200px strip
Wayland’s Throne, and Pandemonium

Meet the gang.

Creator’s Commentary

Fallen Angel 200px strip
A Fallen Angel. Friend or foe?

Behind the scenes, a bit about how the game came to be.

Credits | Contact

The Chapel
The Chapel

Made by ONE developer, with help from some amazing people.


Pandemonium 200px strip
Pandemonium, warping locations

Try a few snippets from the game.

Play Pimander

Sanguine Rose 200px strip
Dive into battle!

Pimander has become free-to-play. You may donate, or not, as you please.

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