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Pimander : Character Bios

Playable Characters

~ Mercy ~

An avatar meant to be born as Justice, she is the result of Pandora’s failed sorcery. As the embodiment of compassion, Mercy is warm, headstrong and idealistic. She acts instinctively and without foresight, with sometimes foolish good intentions.

Mercy was born with language and great knowledge, though she lacks experience. Considered by Pandora to be a mere aspect avatar at a fraction of her intended power, Mercy nevertheless wields powerful sun magic and is quite deadly.

Pandora intends to complete her work and incarnate the avatar of Justice. While Mercy is central to this, Pandora’s capability is questionable and Mercy may well have to choose her own destiny.

~ Virgil ~

An awoken hero from Three Cities who stands against Avarice, an avatar of vice enslaving the populace there. The seductive temptation of Avarice’s creed artfully brought Three Cities under his control and now, Virgil has difficulty imagining a world that could be different.

Without a clear alternative, Virgil fights blindly on and prays for salvation. For this, he is rewarded with an apparent disaster that forces him to find sanctuary in the Citadel. Though Virgil’s situation is bleak, Virgil will find new friends and perhaps some answers.

~ Pandemonium ~

An avatar of chaos, eternally mischievous. Performing acts of good and evil in equal measure, he makes for a dangerously exciting master. The unruly one had his interest piqued by excitement that excluded him, and now he feels suitably inspired to throw a spanner in the works for somebody, somewhere.

Other Characters

~ Pandora ~

An ancient awoken sorceress seeking to restore good to Three Cities. For all her might, she feels out of her depth with her current task and yet it’s the only challenge she cares for. She lives in the Citadel with Pimander as her spirit guide and Fey as her lieutenant.

~ Pimander ~

The voice of the cosmos, cryptic and playful. An avatar of absolute power and total knowledge, he has nothing to prove and so spends his time frustrating mortals and not doing very much.

~ Fey Clementine ~

An awoken acolyte of Pandora and member of the Windwalkers, a group of awoken generally dedicated to fighting the Vices. When not helping Pandora, she spends most of her time besotted with Pimander.

~ Sanguine Rose ~

The second aspect avatar Pandora brought into the world after Mercy, she is also the result of failed sorcery. Said to be the embodiment of righteous vengeance and retribution, she is a cold and tempestuous sort simmering with concealed violence. Despite her sinister appearance, she is fiercely loyal and in need of someone to give her a focus.

~ Walter ~

An old friend of Virgil, a veteran who’s moved to the Citadel for a quiet life. Walter is an awoken who hides his power, preferring instead to run a tavern. He is very well connected in both Three Cities and the Citadel, though he considers himself retired.

~ Susan ~

Wayland’s apprentice, she improves the armour of Wayland’s favoured on his behalf. Susan has unusual powers, which she keeps hidden to most. How she met Wayland is also a mystery.

~ Wayland ~

Smith-god and steward of the Citadel. An old friend of Pandora, he occasionally teaches her students in the art of fire. Most of his time is spent administering the needs of the Citadel and smithing.

~ Eostre ~

An avatar of Nature, she champions the strong and created the eldritches and clay caryatids who serve the citadel.

~ Fallen Angel ~

The Fallen Angels are a group similar to the Windwalkers, a fanatical cult entirely composed of awoken. These fanatics are in the service of Pandemonium, the mighty chaos avatar who makes a dangerous and exciting master. The intimate bond they share causes new Fallen Angels to change over time to reflect their master’s appearance and manner. They are wild and impulsive like Pandemonium himself, performing acts of good and evil in equal measure.

Unlike the Windwalkers, the Fallen Angels are elusive and their exact number is impossible to know. They are extremely dangerous in proximity to their master and can channel his energy into powerful attacks.


~ Apothecary ~

An eldritch of Eostre who serves the town as a healer.

~ Arena Fan ~

An addict of gladiatorial battles, she sometimes gets carried away and joins in on the action.

~ Binksy ~

A subversive artist who lives near the subway.

~ Gatekeeper ~

An eldritch of Eostre who watches over the Garden of Eostre.

~ Nikki and Samantha ~

They own an art shop in the bazaar. All they do is talk, talk, talk, whatever the bedlam!

~ Nova ~

A fire elemental in the service of Wayland.

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