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Pimander : Credits

Force of will is the means to bring possibility into being. To use it is to live; to merely dream is to be no different than the dead.


Robert King (Tilveran)

Pimander Sanctuary of Sorcerers

Sanguine Chapel strip


Core Technologies

Unity Technologies

Aron Granberg

Garden of Eostre 200px strip

Pandemonium 200px strip

Music – Kinky Koala

Kinky Koala Droplet EP
Kinky Koala Droplet EP

I approached Polish group Kinky Koala through Facebook in August ’13 to provide the music for Pimander.

They agreed and kindly allowed me to use the following tracks:

Estus is my favourite track. Thanks to music I got through many late nights working on Pimander!

If you like Kinky Koala, please check them out on Beatport or YouTube. Yeah, their Facebook and Soundcloud pages seem to have gone now.

Kinky Koala’s Droplet EP is available on Amazon.

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes to my good friend Dan Hotop for playing the early version of the game

the kind words of friends

and most of all to my family for believing in me.


Pimander has been published previously.


Pimander had a page on Desura (deceased) and released on April 20th 2015.

My Desura page was my old development blog site. Good times.

Desura Square Logo
LazyGuysBundle Square


Pimander was included in LazyGuysBundle 11: To The Highs from May 7th to May 24th 2015.

Many thanks to the guys at LazyGuysStudio for supporting Pimander!


Pimander has a page on Steam Greenlight and has been greenlit!

Greenlight has come to an end, but it was a great experience regardless.

Steam Greenlight Logo

Thanks to everyone who voted for your support.


Please get in touch with me though my contact page, Twitter or my YouTube account.

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