Pimander : Demo

Imagine ideas of justice and evil could be personified and made flesh, as real people who walked the Earth. You adventure in this world as a supernatural being yourself, battling for the future.

Demo Stages

Want to try it out? Pimander has a demo available with three playable stages, specially scored as standalone trials to test your prowess. Get your practice in!

Pimander The Sanguine Chapel
The Sanguine Chapel

Demo Stage 1 – A Sanguine Rose

  • A ritual to summon forth an avatar isn’t going to plan! Pacify the strange creatures and win Sanguine Rose over to your side in this battle challenge.

Demo Stage 2 – Blood & Gold

  • Virgil has just been given the gift of magic, but it is his cunning that will be tested here.

Demo Stage 3 – The Broken Seal

  • A cryptic messenger foreshadows this test of wit. Virgil and Eostre must work together to complete this test!


The demo is hosted courtesy of MediaFire. Size 136MB. There is a small “read me” file in the zip with instructions.

Pimander Demo 0.9.7

Previous Versions

The latest “read me” in the main download references changes from previous versions. Some of these are available below.

Pimander Demo 0.9.6

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