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Pimander Pandemonium
Pandemonium, warping locations

“Pandemonium personifies a darker nature of humanity. Explore the Citadel as Pandemonium, doing whatever, wherever you please with a Fallen Angel companion.”


Pandemonium is the cosmic avatar who embodies the natural energies of Chaos. Anyone suspecting the world of working against them, or maybe sensing especially good omens for the day, feeds this guy their psychic energy. All thoughts of luck go to him.

So it is that Pandemonium is, obviously, an ancient and insanely powerful avatar, for people think about luck all the time. Being one of the cosmic avatars he is neither “Vice” nor “Virtue”, but rather, a neutral being. Relax not however: disturbingly, Pandemonium is devoid of morality entirely.

Right and wrong are concepts that Pandemonium can never understand. He just does things. Whatever seems like fun. For the sake of doing them. Chaos, incarnate. Free, irresponsible, incorrigible, oh, and immortal too.

Pandemonium possess a combination of child-like innocence, a lack of boundaries, and the power of a mischievous god. He’s been destroyed in countless misadventures, and yet—Boo! Here he is! Avatars are just shells for their inhabiting power. Chaos itself… can’t ever die.

Pandemonium is bad news. Well, he is for somebody. Real bad.

Pimander Fallen Angel
Pandemonium’s Fallen Angel

Yet, Pandemonium is also in the habit of passing out incredible boons to complete strangers. On a whim. Anyone crazy enough can gamble their life with Pandemonium.

“Raise him up as a final, improbable hope, he’s the mad lottery you can stake your soul on! You get exactly one ticket. Care to play?”

The Avatar of Chaos offers a last chance. For many desperate souls in Three Cities, it’s worth the risk. Invoking the correct rituals, petitioners change in unpredictable ways as eldritch chaos energies course through their bodies and minds. Some are hardly affected. Others, become unspeakables. Fortunate ones ascend to greatness—for the Champions of Chaos are powerful and free.

Pandemonium’s most fanatical followers are the Fallen Angels, a clan of free-spirited Awoken. Each is gifted with truly exceptional levels of power, though it changed them utterly. They forgot themselves; their old lives mean nothing now. Whatever they desired, no more. So suffused with Pandemonium’s energy have they become, they mirror his nature entirely. They are free from everything, except perhaps, to follow the winds of Chaos wherever it takes them.

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