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Pimander ~ The Story of Mercy

Pimander Mercy's Story
Mercy’s Story

“Perched above the Citadel’s town lies the Sanctuary, hiding place of the ancient Awoken sorceress Pandora. It is here that Pandora is attempting to reincarnate the slain Virtue of Justice. So far, only her aspect of Mercy has been reborn.”


Mercy is a newly incarnated avatar manifested by the sorceress Pandora in her attempt to reincarnate the avatar, Justice. Mercy is only an “aspect” of Justice however, which is to say incomplete, and so Pandora performs another ritual.

This time she brings forth Justice’s aspect of “Vengeance”, which has decided to call itself Sanguine Rose. However, the two newborn avatars remain separate fragments. While Pandora privately sinks into confusion, the two newborn avatars become ensnared in a dangerous game.

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