Story of Virgil

Pimander ~ The Story of Virgil

Pimander Garden of Eostre
The Garden of Eostre

“In this place Virgil leads a clan of Awoken living in the shadow of the Vices. A plague has forced him to seek out Walter, an old friend living in the safety of the Citadel. The night train has now carried Virgil to the Citadel, where Walter patiently awaits his arrival.”


Virgil leads a local clan of Awoken in the Blacktree district of Three Cities. This clan forms part of the larger clan known as Windwalkers, an awoken collective dedicated to fighting the more sinister vices.

Virgil’s bane is the Vice of Avarice. Blacktree is the financial centre of Three Cities, and Avarice controls it with an iron fist. It is rife with organised crime, including many awoken mafia groups and human organisations in league with the vice.

Avarice himself is said to have the appearance of a sophisticated gentleman in a smart suit; confident, charismatic and ruthless. His inner circle have attained incredible wealth and power while the masses are held in thrall, uncaring of their wretched state.

Virgil had acted repeatedly against the interests of Avarice, achieving small victories and rallying local support. Finally, agents of Avarice poisoned him with a toxic miasma that forced Virgil into hiding. A plague broke out in the miasma’s wake, afflicting the locals.

Knowing his situation was bleak, Virgil arranges safe passage to the Citadel in the hope of finding a cure and some way to strike back.

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