The Citadel

Pimander : The Citadel

Imagine ideas of justice and evil could be personified and made flesh, as real people who walked the Earth. You adventure in this world as a supernatural being yourself, battling for the future.


The sorceress Pandora intends to incarnate an Avatar of Justice, a minor deity to send into the hive of scum and villainy known as Three Cities. To aspire toward the redemption of such a place might be described as idealistic, or even noble. Perhaps it should be described as foolish.

Pimander Sanguine Chapel
The Sanguine Chapel

The World of Pimander

Spiritual power has grown in this world. The ideas that people have toward morality and nature are manifesting as living avatars that stride the Earth. The moral avatars known as Vices and Virtues create cults in an effort to increase their power, for the thoughts of the devoted give them strength. The mightiest and most popular avatars shower the faithful with their just rewards. Yet not all are known, and the weakest are little thought of.

Most mysterious of all are the natural avatars who prefer to lurk in the background. These fickle creatures may enjoy the occasional drama, but they quickly hide away again. These beings need no cult, for people unwittingly feed them with power regardless. Some are alarmingly powerful.

Among the humans, gifted individuals are evolving into the Awoken, beings who manifest psychic power but feed upon the energy of others. The Awoken have diverse allegiances among avatars of every sort and none, with some preferring their own company to a so-called benefactor.

You enter this world in a form of your choice. You could walk this world as the reborn avatar Mercy, a fragment of the greater avatar of Justice. But you could also choose Virgil, a powerful Awoken with his own vendetta to pursue against Avarice, the Vice of Three Cities.

The Game

Pimander is a roaming beat ’em up, in which YOU must overcome the challenges of your chosen character’s story. Guide them to victory!

Your enemies will mostly have allies; approach each challenge as a puzzle to be unpicked. Sometimes, aggression will do. Other times, particular enemies should be dealt with first, or arcane artefacts should be brought under your control.

You can expect to fight alone and with allies, but mostly with allies. Your allies will be a strong resource, so be sure to use them wisely. Blend arcane magic with brutal close combat as you see fit. Watch the battlefield and decide on your approach!

The Citadel

The Citadel is an independent town in the region of Three Cities. It is a refuge from that place.

“Welcome to the Citadel, ancient bastion of forgotten sorcerers. Over millennia the Citadel has spread from its mountaintop into a burgeoning town ruled by the smith-god Wayland. Here ordinary humans live peacefully alongside others with evolved powers, called Awoken, and tame humanoids created by sorcery.”

“Away to the west of the Citadel lies the metropolitan area of Three Cities, playground of Pandemonium, prince of demons. This city is full of spiritual power. The values people believed in became born into the world as avatars known as the Vices and Virtues. A war for souls took place in which many of the Virtues were slain.”

Fallen Angel 300px strip
Pandemonium’s Fallen Angel

Mercy’s Story…

“Perched above the Citadel’s town lies the Sanctuary, hiding place of the ancient Awoken sorceress Pandora. It is here that Pandora is attempting to reincarnate the slain Virtue of Justice. So far, only her aspect of Mercy has been reborn.”

Pimander Mercy's Story
Mercy’s Story
Pimander Sanctuary of Sorcerers
The Sanctuary of Sorcerers

Virgil’s Story…

“In this place Virgil leads a clan of Awoken living in the shadow of the Vices. A plague has forced him to seek out Walter, an old friend living in the safety of the Citadel. The night train has now carried Virgil to the Citadel, where Walter patiently awaits his arrival.”

Pandemonium’s Freeplay Mode…

“Pandemonium personifies the darker nature of humanity. Explore the Citadel as Pandemonium, doing whatever, wherever you please with a Fallen Angel companion.”


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