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By Cirian · November 19, 2016

Comment system switched to Disqus Conditional Load

Many of the sites I use myself use the Disqus system and it’s really great to use one login for lots of sites. Plus of course you actually get notified when someone replies and you can manage all your conversations from the Disqus dashboard, not to mention use it to remember a site you forgot about. So I looked into getting Disqus for Pocket Myriad!

The standard Disqus plugin has a reputation for slowing down websites so that was unfortunate. However, Disqus Conditional Load is said to be even faster than native WordPress comments so that’s perfect. Now if you use Pocket Myriad you might find it a tiny bit faster on articles with a fair few comments on, like Cool Bodum Glass. That’s still worth looking at if you haven’t by the way…

One oddity if you commented before is that Gravatars are not supported by Disqus so peoples’ icons have been changed to a default one. A bit unfortunate but there you go.

So yeah, hopefully commenting is easier than ever and the barrier is even lower. Don’t be a stranger, be sure to leave a little feedback or just say hello. It’s all good. My only conundrum now is whether to use my WordPress name or my Disqus name 🙂

Happy holiday season,


*Also known as Tilveran on Disqus, Twitter & YouTube!

By Cirian · February 12, 2016

PocketMyriad.xyz gets Social

Site news! Readers will notice social sharing and following features have gone live across Pocket Myriad, so go ahead and use them. You can give feedback as usual in the comments below.

When I initially went looking for a social sharing option to add to WordPress (which powers this site), I went with a plugin called Jetpack. It seems to be the official solution but it well, let’s just say it has issues and I binned it and looked for another. Eventually (seeing as it’s a month since my last post!) I narrowed the options down to Social Media Feather, SumoMe and AddThis, eventually going for Social Media Feather by Synved for its speed and simplicity. If any of you lot have an opinion on plugins I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Going forward I’ll work hard to find the best features to add to Pocket Myriad and I hope you enjoy using the site as much as I do building it.

March Update

This month sees a transition to a new WordPress theme with a lot more features, including built-in follow buttons. I’ve also switched my sharing solution over to AddThis, which means the share counters have reset to zero again. Oh well! I hope you enjoy the new format and as usual, if you have any comments please leave them below.

Thanks for visiting.


By Cirian · January 10, 2016

Hi everyone!

Ever since the start of Pocket Myriad I’ve been planning lifestyle posts in addition to blogging about great games like Guild Wars 2.

The New Year is the perfect time to start, and so I am adding a new category called Eureka! to cover real life things that I hope people will find neat and useful.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year.


By Cirian · October 13, 2015

I’m just getting started over here and I’m pretty excited about what I’ll be able to bring. Use the menu at the top to navigate around and in time I’ll flesh the place out.