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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Eufy RoboVac 11S Promo

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for 2018

Why You Really Need a Robot Vacuum in 2018 Ever since inventor James Dyson got me into the genius of cyclonic vacuum technology, vacuum cleaners became interesting devices. Boring became smart. And now with AI, they’re...

The best ASMR Tingles

Best ASMR Recording Setups for 2018

The Best Microphones & Cameras for YouTube ASMR for 2018 Create the best ASMR for YouTube with equipment that’s perfect for you. Even if you’re not making ASMR, but you are putting some gear...

Closeup of the "mouth blown" sticker on the 35cl (~12oz) Bodum Pavina (double walled thermo glass mug).

Best Everyday Drinking Glasses for 2018

What are the best everyday drinking glasses you’ve seen in 2018? For me it’s a Bodum thermo glass, and there’s a chance you’ve never seen such a thing! Handmade Professional Quality These fine double...